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How Can a Horse Help You?

Through an innovative program that is based on the intuitive power of the horse; you learn to access and develop your innate Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Your transformation begins by cultivating self-awareness in a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space.  The ground-based, non-riding, activities with the horses, that include time for reflection and self-exploration, impart a shift in perspective offering new insights and discovery of one’s life purpose.

Using the research of neuroscience behind EQ, a strong framework of tangible EQ tools, and a well-defined process, you will improve your emotional resilience while elevating your level of engagement.

Changes that occur naturally within, when experiencing the horse-human bond, greatly contribute to releasing previous struggles in areas such as finances, relationships, as well as helping you manage distressing emotions such as anxiety and depression.


Are you ready to master communication and be a powerful leader…

Team Members

Meet Tara and the Herd

Joe - Earth Element Intuition/Spirit Facilitator

Joe is an eye-catching 16-year-old Tennessee Walker. Joe is very, very playful and has earned the nickname, Dennis the Menace.

Max - Air Element Intuition/Spirit Facilitator

Max is a stunning 14-year-old, Tennessee Walker. Max is an old soul and takes people to depths of personal discovery they never imagined possible.

Tara Pogoda Owner & Director

The Communication Expert and Eponaquest™ Advanced Instructor.