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Get a Personalized Prosperity Map to your Unique Human Design!

Karen Sherwood of Business Success By Design can give you a blueprint of who you are uniquely designed to be.

Knowing your unique design before working with horses can bring an additional level of depth and understanding to your work with Tara.

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Karen SherwoodBusiness Success By Design also offers:

  • BG5 Career Design Analysis – Get supportĀ  in times of doubt, confusion, or transition when it comes to your career, life work and life purpose.
  • Partnership Analysis – Understand the underlying dynamics that can make or break a business partnership (or personal relationships).
  • Small Business Analysis – Understand the team chemistry at play in your business to help you better inspire, motivate and empower your team as well as being aware of unconscious pitfalls and skill gaps that can undermine a small business if not addressed.
  • Alpha One Leadership Analysis – Understanding your unique leadership style to access your personal power to lead more effectively.

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