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What is Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL)?

Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) is the partnering of horses with humans for exploration of our subtle emotional feelings and inner states. This is often referred to as Emotional Intelligence. The specially designed experiential activities with the horse, integrate the emotional and intellectual parts of the brain; thus, the efficacy of EFEL is immediately apparent. The result is that the unseen power of the present moment is directly available to be experienced by the human.

Why Horses?

The intuitive instincts of horses, developed over millions of years as prey and herd animals, is the key component for helping our clients better understand and experience their inner states and emotions. The horse’s ability to process emotions as information is an essential part of their survival instincts. When partnering with humans, the horse becomes an emotional mirror as they intuit and reflect our emotional presence. The real-time feedback that the horse provides, without judgment, allows people to experience themselves in a new light. The Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness that is gained from interpreting and making connections through the beneficent horse-human bond always leads to the realization of profound personal insights.

Why is it important to have Emotional Intelligence?

Developing Emotional Intelligence allows us to find a connection to everything around us. Horses are highly sensitive and responsive to their environment and as our facilitators; we learn this keen balance of alertness and rest that can happen at the same time. We can use this ability to guide our thinking and actions and truly begin to experience joy and satisfaction in our lives.

What kind of activities do we do with the horse?

The Eponaquest™ Approach focuses on the relationship between the human and the horse as the primary way to experience transformation and growth. We use a combination of reflective and active processes to create a space for learning skills such as understanding emotions as information, developing new ways of gaining information, setting and maintaining clear and consistent boundaries, as well as recognizing energy fields. Our unique, leading edge, and strength-based focus delivers noticeable benefits for advancement beyond just living from day-to-day (surviving) to thriving (transformation). No horse experience is necessary, most activities are ground based, and you are always working with an experienced facilitator.


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”I recently had the extreme honor of attending Tara Pogoda’s Equus workshop weekend. It was life transforming! Working with the horses, feeling their grounding energy created a space for great shift. And Tara’s gentle facilitation opened a space for healing and learning. Its something everyone should experience!”

Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert — Ft. Collins, CO

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