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C. Swig, Eagle, IDI’ve been thinking about the Way of the Horse every day since our weekend together…it was truly amazing!! My eyes and ears were opened wider than ever! I learned so much about myself.

This work has helped me find my power and be more confident to be me.

And being me, in my power and confident, feels so much better.

Thank you for it all!!

– C. Swig, Eagle, ID


P. Lob, Manchester, UKWorking with Tara and her horses Max and Joe was a much deeper experience than I expected. I was amazed at how intuitive the horses are and how they respond to how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Their feedback in the form of touch and sound, even from out in the paddock, helped me have a profound breakthrough in my personal development.

I’m feeling more confident in being ‘me’ and not what I think others want me to be. I continue to feel the reassuring presence of the horses within me on a daily basis.

Tara holds a loving, safe space and asks insightful questions to help you go deeper in your process. I wish I lived closer so that I could experience this regularly as I now know huge personal change is possible from working with Tara, Max and Joe.

– P. Lob, Manchester, UK

“I recently had the extreme honor of attending Tara Pogoda’s Equus workshop weekend. It was life transforming! Working with the horses, feeling their grounding energy created a space for great shift. And Tara’s gentle facilitation opened a space for healing and learning. Its something everyone should experience!”

Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert — Ft. Collins, CO


AnnHarrisI don’t think I will ever forget my experience with you, Max and Joe, and the other lovely ladies in the workshop. I woke up so excited on the day we were coming to you, I was like a child at Christmas, and the experience filled my wonderful expectations.

I am not really sure how to describe what happened during my time with Max, but I do know that I feel like a completely different person. The work was very emotional but released so much within me that I have since been able to move onwards and upwards.

I am more confident, I have my boundaries in place, I no longer doubt myself or my ability, and clients are finding me easily.

This work can benefit anyone that wants to make real change in their life; and the value of working with animals makes it very special. You don’t even have to know exactly what or how to change, trust me – the horse will help you discover the relevant “stuff” that needs to be worked on.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

– A. Harris, QLD, Australia

C.W. Ft. Collins, COMy son had had a suicide attempt several months prior.  He was taking antidepressants and seeing a psychologist, but he seemed to still be getting worse instead of better. I was overwhelmed to the point of being panic-stricken.  

I knew that my son loved animals and nature.  I turned to equine therapy as a last resort.  I’d heard about it, here and there, but I didn’t know anyone who’d tried it.  I’d done some reading, but had no personal experience.  I would have tried anything.

The effect on my son, though, was almost instantaneous. Months of traditional therapy had won us nothing.  But just a few weeks with Misty, and I could see the change in my son.  

He wanted to hold back, to be distrustful of the people in his life.  But he couldn’t be distrustful of Misty. She needed him.  She needed to him to find his center, to offer her some stability, some guidance.  And for her, he could find his way.  He knew there was no malice in her.  He knew her fears, her insecurities, her uncertainties, were as authentic as his own.  And he wanted to reach her.  To ease her.

In reaching her, he first had to find himself.  He had to reach within and find the strength that he could lend to her.  He learned her. He learned to trust her.  And she learned to trust him.

Even in the worst weeks, his time with the horses was a safe place.  Horses have no hidden agendas, no expectations, no simmering resentments. Horses offer a clean experience, a window to the self, divorced from the perspective of others.

That’s a lot of words to say this: I would recommend equine therapy to anyone.  If you are struggling with emotional issues, with anger, with loss, with self-loathing…the horses will help you.  And Tara is a unique mediator between the horse and the spirit.  She can challenge without judging.  Let her help you. I promise you will not regret it.

– C.W. Ft. Collins, CO



A. Hamilton, Calgary, Alberta CANADABenefits:

  • Noticing when I am in my body and when I am in my mind
  • Understanding what I do when I get afraid, stressed, pressured, uncomfortable and how that makes it more difficult to be in the moment and take an empowered next step
  • Shifting my perception of horses and seeing them as guides. I now feel a resonance with my guide horse. When I feel lonely or separate, I seem to remember him and it is easier to shift states because of this awareness.
  • Noticing that when I am present to myself, the horse responds

Why consider it:

  • The Way of the Horse teaches you how to connect with stressful areas/ aspects of life that “take you out” (this may be conscious or unconscious) and find a way in your own body and being that allows you to stay present to the challenge.

Going forward:

I am much more aware when I am in stress mode, which causes me to check out of my body. I can stay calm, do my grounding practices and come back into the present moment, knowing that in that moment I am safe. From this knowing, I make wise decisions, am confident, and in touch with my power.

Thank you!

– A. Hamilton, Calgary, Alberta CANADA


“Tara unquestionably possesses extraordinary talents and the ability to hold the space for others to experience the present moment.”

C. S. – Boulder, CO


“The breakdown of each concept and the integration of each concept into the final day of direct experience were superior. I received insights deeply and profoundly, and they will stay with me as I go back to my own work.”

B. K. – Vail, AZ


 “With Tara’s keen ability, identifying and differentiating feelings and their deeper messages and meanings was most pronounced for me throughout the 2 days. While I’m quite familiar with most of the materials, using them in the other 90% was the biggest piece that I took away.”

K. P. – Ft. Collins, CO


  “Tara has been amazingly supportive and inspiring on my journey, knowing just the right moment in which to point me to a deeper truth, a deeper level of myself which has changed my view of everything in a way I have only dreamt of. The steadfast presence that she is, opens the space for profound transformation on many levels leading to a recognition of that which we truly are.”

N.A. – Oldham, UK


  “Tara has superb skills to improve the Emotional Intelligence of any team and corporate group, as well as any entrepreneur needing support. As an IT Engineer, I get this, and it works.”

M.P. – Brooklyn, NY


“I got so much more out of the workshop than expected. Thank you for inviting me down this path. It was impressively powerful. The awareness and facilitation was beyond anything I could have imagined.

C. W. – Vail, AZ


 “Everything Tara offered was useful and of benefit to my other therapeutic work. New information and Epona experiences fit in so well with other trainings.”

B.R. – Texas


 “It was such an amazingly powerful workshop and personal transformation, thanks to Tara’s subtle, potent, facilitation. The experience was one of the best trainings I’ve taken – ever!”

L.W. – Golden, CO


 “The perceptive and insightful facilitation by Tara, made me aware of how to create those moments and spaces in which joy can occur.”

R.A. – Minneapolis, MN


We often miss the obvious. I think EPONA is a very good approach for learning and re-learning communication and focusing on things that matter. Learning from the horse when to react and when to go back to ‘grazing’ is also something very valuable. I know I tend to get wrapped up in little things, forgetting to go back to ‘grazing’ and it comes at a price. I think a lot of people dealing with anxiety and depression could learn valuable things from that.

M.P. – Tucson, AZ


 “I felt you (Tara) gave 100% of yourself to teaching us, and to the day.”

T.W. – Longmont, CO