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The Heard - Horse Therapy in Colorado at the Fifth Element Ranch

The Fifth Element horses all have unique personalities and are specialists that will unerringly match your needs. You will always resonate with at least one of them; and they will often select you to work with as well. It’s almost a bit magical how transformation and profound healing will unfold.



Max - Air Element

Max – Air Element

Max is a stunning 14-year-old, Tennessee Walker with dramatic black and white pinto markings, and a long, flowing mane and tail. He knows he is “the Man” and is the horse everyone can’t help themselves be drawn to when they arrive at the ranch. Max is an old soul and takes people to depths of personal discovery they never imagined possible. His intense inquisitiveness combined with inner ancient wisdom holds any struggle or pain a person could have. The essence of Max’s spirit captures the heart of everyone who meets him. When he’s not helping people realize the truth about themselves, he loves trails, cantering bareback with his rider in the pasture and spending time horsing around.




Joe - Earth Element

Joe – Earth Element

Joe is an eye-catching 16-year-old Tennessee Walker. He is tri-color with brown and white pinto markings, an enviably thick mane and tail, and bottomless brown, doe-eyes that melt a person to the core. Joe is very, very playful and has earned the nickname, Dennis the Menace. He has the claim to fame of having once being ridden through a Wendy’s Drive-through. Joe is also known as “King Joe” for good reason as his ubiquitous manner is sublime and if you want transformation he will gladly assist, but only if you are 100% present. There is no fooling this boy; he has everyone’s “number” from the very first encounter. He loves trails, Western Pleasure riding, and has refined dressage moves that defy his gaited-horse breeding.




Misty - Fire ElementRetired…Summer of 2014

Misty – Fire Element

Misty, our beautiful, 23-year-old, flea-bitten grey, Registered Quarter horse mare has retired to 40-acres in the foothills! She’s going to live with six other horses, one pony, eight llamas, numerous milk goats, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs and don’t forget the two pre-teen girls. Her horsey life adventures have included being a former breeding mare and then working with humans through Equine Facilitated Learning at Fifth Element Ranch. She now finds herself being fawned-over, doted-on, and treated like the queen she is by Alia and Kara – at her new “forever home.” With her incredible silky-smooth western-pleasure trot she will teach the girls beginning riding skills; and with her compassion and awareness she will teach them how to have skillful alpha-mare confidence as they come of age. With her new playmates, Misty is “living the dream.” Thank you Misty for the Fire teachings you so generously offered to myself and many, many other clients at Fifth Element Ranch.


Andy - Water ElementIn memory…2009 – 2014

Andy – Water Element

Words are a record of Andy; yet are inadequate to express the amazing energy of love that he exuded every second of his true and deeply felt life. Never could anyone walk by Andy’s stall and not want to stop and connect with this genuine compendium of heart energy. Andy drew your attention and not just because he was such a looker as a dark bay, Breeding Stock Paint that stood 16.1 hands tall. It was his unhesitating, playful, spirited vim and vigor; a resonant, palpable, joie de vie he freely offered that captured you every time.

Without exception. He was a special gift in our lives from his tender baby days when we adopted him at two months old through becoming an energetic teenager at 5 years old.  Andy’s legacy is the deep teaching he had for the habitual-mindset that could be heard only by the strong seeker of truth. He embodied pure, non-attachment – always riding on a current of joy, as the way to work with whatever shows up in your life, good or bad, especially in troubled times. Thank you Andy, for being the Water Element. You are greatly missed and will always be remembered.